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Laadli Laxmi Statistics

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Categories are as follows

1. As per Scheme : All applications in this category have been found to be as per the prescribed scheme

2. Marked To committee : All Applications in this category are marked to the committee for a decision.

3. Incomplete Documents : All applications in this category are not processed as some documents/ Information as per the prescribed scheme are not attached with the application.

4. Ineligible : All applications in this category are not processed as they are found to be ineligible as per the prescribed scheme.


Status :The processing of any application goes through following phases

1. Form Received : The form is received at the center.

2. Form Entry : Form details entered into the system .

3. Verified : The form is verified and marked to department for processing

4. Processing: The form is processed by the department.

5. Disbursed: The scheme amount is disbured.

Details last updated on : 15 Dec 2014